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Jun 06

Our In-house Capabilities Ensure High Quality Product Development

Summary: CPG has always maintained the highest standard of quality, and that assurance comes from the qualified and dependable in-house team we have working for us.

Our In-house Capabilities Ensure High Quality Product Development
We’ve been in the business for over half a century now. And you don’t stay competitive in an industry for that long if you’re not exceptionally good at what you do. Over the past 50-odd years, CPG has been actively developing and manufacturing world-class products.

Our customers are proof of the quality of work we do.

Over the years, we’ve built strong bonds and even stronger products. We have consistently strived to improve ourselves and better our own products.

With each new production cycle, we try and push the envelop a little further and expand our capability a fraction more, all so that our customers can have that slight edge that makes a world of difference in today’s fast-paced competitive world. For our efforts, we have been rewarded with an ISO 9001 certificate.

That has been made possible only due to our dedicated, highly motivate, and highly qualified, in-house teams of technicians and engineers, and our state-of-the-art in-house production capabilities.

In-house Machining Facilities

The requirements and standards of modern markets are constantly evolving, shifting from one modus operandi to another in a matter of days. Consequently, we strive to stay abreast with the latest international trend and practices of production development in our facilities.

Our machining facilities are fully equipped with the latest and highly sophisticated CNC machines, lathe machines, slotting machines, and other equally modern technologies to provide any kind of service that our clients may desire.

Of course, we also have our own captive power generation station for power needs. This ensures that production cycle is not interrupted by external factors, such as power outages or voltage dropping.

Our In-house Capabilities Ensure High Quality Product Development

In-house Fabrication Facilities

Equipped with techniques like roll bending, CNC oxy cutting, CNC plasma cutting, and shearing and edge bending, our fabrication unit is one of the most advanced setups in the country. We are capable of delivering glitch-free production, with minimal calibration issues.

Our installed machines also cover a wide production spectrum. Based on the fluctuating needs of the modern dynamic markets, we have moulded our production capabilities also to meet it. So no matter how diverse the requirement of our clients, we are always able to meet them.

Quality over Quantity

We believe in making a small selection of great products, instead of dealing in average ones. It has taken us years to perfect our production process, and we still have a long way to go.

That’s because the demands of international markets are always shifting. However, there are few core bedrocks of our philosophy that will never change, and these are:

  • Customer Focus and Satisfaction: If the customer is not satisfied, we aren’t either.
  • Quality Commitment and Responsibility: Everyone at CPG is fully committed to, and is fully accountable for, the quality of product.
  • Quality Staff and Resources: All our employees are highly trained and creating high value products is embedded very early into employee psyche.
  • Continuous Improvement: If there’s one thing we have learned, it’s that perfection is not an end product, it’s a process, continuous and constant.

Guided through these principles and working with our ever reliable in-house production capabilities, we are able to achieve the highest standards in production time and again and cater to the high expectations of our clients.


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