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Nov 23

A Look at 50th Years of Chanderpur Group’s Journey

Chanderpur Group started out as a small company called Chanderpur Works Pvt. Ltd. in 1962. Back then, it was our founder Shri Sumesh Chandra who worked as a one man team to build the company from the ground up. And today, his hard work has flourished into a multi-million dollar industry.

After our humble beginning in 1962, we started supplying sugar machinery to the sugar industry. Our first big break came in 1970 when we entered the paper industry and then again in 1971, when we gave them its first pulping equipment. Within two years of that, we started supplying spherical and continuous digesters.

18 years since our inception, we branched out into the cement industry. The year was 1980, and we had just finished working on our first VSK cement plant. A decade later, in 1990, we expanded into the fertilizer and mineral processing industry as well.

We grew rapidly in the cement industry and, in 2010, we joined hands with Christian Pfeiffier, Germany, and formed a joint venture company called Christian Pfeiffier India Pvt. Ltd. Soon after, the Chanderpur Industries Pvt. Ltd. was formed. This new company was instrumental in raising the standards of our production because it brought us in-house state of the art capabilities.

In the past half a decade, we ventured into renewable energy as well. We’ve witnessed rapid growth in the European market while here in India, we’ve received various awards and recognitions for our quality and customer service alike.

Today, CPG stands at the helm of an industry that has stood the test of time; a company of impeccable repute with a strong presence in numerous countries across six continents.

At CPG, our motto is "racing ahead of times", and that's exactly what we try and achieve day in and day out. We want to push the limits of technology; to bring state of the art practices and deliver them to our clients so that they can race ahead of the competition!

That said, we never lose sight of what really matters. We want to push the frontiers, yes, but not at the cost of user friendliness and meaningful innovation. The end user had always been, and will remain, our most important consideration. That's why we excel in Integrated Engineering Business.

Our mission originate from this underlying theme. We aim
  • to provide superior quality product
  • to provide efficient after sales service
  • to continuously improve safety and efficiency; and
  • to exceed customer expectations

These have been the guiding principles for us all through our half a century of being in the market.

We are proud of our family today. We call it a “family” because we feel that’s a more accurate description than a ‘company’. Over 800 people work together under one umbrella of CPG, bringing the best the industry has to offer to our clients. The workforce is dynamic and young, with average age being just 35!

We think our biggest strength is our experience. Because we’ve built the company from scratch, we know the ins and outs of the business. While the sailing has eased a bit now, we also remember the sheer dedication and will it took to fight through the storms.

Through hard work and commitment, we’ve built a company whose priority is the satisfaction of their clients. And it shows in our ever increasing list of happy clients!


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