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Jan 13

Biomass Based “Grid-Connected” Power Plants

Grid connected biomass gasifier power plants are relatively large sized gasifiers with capacities ranging in hundreds of kW. An example is given below for such type of grid connected biomass power plant.

Biomass Based Grid-Connected Power Plants


Chanderpur Works Pvt Ltd , has set up a 1 MW gasifier based power plant linked to the State grid. It is located in Mullana village in Ambala district of Haryana. In this plant they are using wood, wood waste etc., since there is abundance availability of wood waste , as lot of plywood industries are established in nearby area. The power plant comprises a biomass processing system, gasification system, PLC based automation and control system water treatment plant, power package and a power evacuation system. In the first phase, a 1000 kg/hr gasifier system was integrated with 4 numbers 250kW Producer Gas Engines in the year 2012.

The power plant has operated in the at an average load of 600 kWe for nearly 6000 hours. The specific biomass consumption is 1.2 to 1.5 kg/kWh.

The company is generating an average of 12000 to 16000 units (per day) of electricity through this unit and is using this electricity in three companies of this group.

The company is also getting by-products from this plant, such as Biochar (in shape of fine powder), Charcoal, Briquette of char, wood TAR (which can be used in different applications like burning, production of Aromatic oils etc.)

This is the first of its kind of “Biomass Based Power Generation Project” in Haryana.

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